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Are you a “cat person” who wants to show off your feline side at your next costume party? A great way to do it is with the Shadowcat sclera contact lenses. These cosmetic lenses are non-prescription, and transform your eye to take on a catlike appearance, complete with a black slit running vertically through the center from top to bottom. The black slit blends seamlessly with a transparent patch for your pupil to look through. The sides to the left and right of the black slit are a vibrant orange, with vertical folds and a texture which could resemble crinkled skin (or possibly scales; this could also provide a somewhat reptilian effect).

Two similar lenses you may also like are Reptile, which have a horizontal slit set against a green, scaly background, and Xorn, which features a vertical slit like Shadowcat, but in a more unusual, alien background of yellow, black, and blue. All three lenses can provide you with an inhuman look that will startle and entertain all who come into contact with you.

Product information:

  • One pair of plano (zero power) Shadowcat sclera contacts
  • Free lens case fit for scleras
  • CE certified, ISO 9001 quality
  • Soft contact lens
  • 22mm diameter
  • 11mm base curve (one-size-fits-all)
  • Materials: 45% water, 55% terpolymer in sterile saline solution
  • Lasts for up to a year with proper care and occasional use
  • Made in South Korea

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