What is Online Casino Play Through?

One of the elements to take more into consideration when evaluating a Singapore casino free bonus is the so-called Play through or Requirement of Play.

It is a trick inserted by the casinos to prevent the player from withdrawing the bonus without making wagers or, in any case, making a small number. We have to consider that many times the casino bonuses can potentially reach not insignificant sums, therefore the gambling house must somehow protect itself in order to make the offer attractive to the player but at the same time advantageous also for it.

How do I withdraw a Casino Bonus?

Let’s say we have a simple 200% first deposit bonus, which means we’re going to double our initial investment.

Let’s assume you make the first payment of $ 100. At this point, we will be credited with an additional bonus of $ 200, for a total of funds on our wallet of $ 300. 

Now let’s say the bonus has 40 times play through (X40). This means that before the bonus obtained becomes withdrawable, that is, before the $ 200 can be liquidated from our game portfolio, we will have to move a total sum of $ 40 × 200 = $ 8000. 

Moving a sum means, in a nutshell, spending free credit online casino singapore money on the entire portal, so the games played on online poker or online bingo will also be counted, for example.

Be careful, though, because it may also happen that not all games contribute 100% to the calculation of the eventful but to a lesser extent. (e.g. 100% slots, 75% bingo, 50% Blackjack etc). Also, for this reason, as always, we want to emphasize, it is always very important to carefully read the terms and conditions of the bonuses.

Play through and Wagering Requirement

Compared to some time ago, the concept of play through has changed in favor of the player and to the detriment of casinos.

Initially, in fact, the first deposit or otherwise the basis of the bonus was included in the calculation of the amount to be handled. Now instead, the counting is done exclusively on the sum obtained as a bonus.

So, in the example above, initially, we would have had a wagering requirement of $ 40 × 300 = $ 12,000. 

If the user wants to fully redeem his deposit, he will have to replay it only once, as required by Italian anti-money laundering laws. Returning to our example, then it will be enough to play $ 100 to be able to withdraw them.

It would, therefore, be more correct to speak of Wagering Requirement rather than play through.

What are the Casino Bonuses with the best play through?

In theory, it is easy to guess that a low play through allows you to redeem the amounts with less economic effort. However, it is absolutely not true that the best casino bonuses are those with a low play through, or at least it is not an automatic relationship.

In fact, it may happen that a low wagering requirement is foreseen for a bonus with a not very high ceiling, so it is true that we will unlock it with little effort, but it will be a fairly low sum. On the contrary, it may happen that the play through is high, but, in turn, allows you to unlock higher figures. 

Furthermore, all the reasoning must start from the fact that each player is different and has different needs. For a regular player, for example, unlocking a bonus that requires high money handling can be less tiring than the occasional player who has to unlock a bonus from the overall not very high request.

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